Making The UK Bulletproof

EdenCancan launched US sensation Bulletproof Coffee to the UK late last year with resounding success. To date, coverage for the high performance product has appeared in The Guardian, Look, Women’s Health, S Magazine, Sport, Daily Telegraph, Notebook and more, whilst Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey was named as one of Men’s Health’s top ‘Fitness Mavericks’.

In addition to outstanding press coverage, EdenCancan recruited a handful of key ambassadors spanning across the fitness, health and business sectors, including Workshop Gymnasium Founder Lee Mullins, Reach Fitness Founder Richard Tidmarsh and actor Rik Makarem. All of which drive significant word of mouth referral for the brand and have been maximised via media relations.

With an online-only offering, driving traffic to the website is a key focus and with this in mind, EdenCancan set out to work with social influencers to allow for a direct connection between activity and sales. Co-ordinating a sponsored post with fitness influencer Lonan O’Herlily, EdenCancan were able to triple sales via the UK site in just one day! Not to mention, the brand secured hundreds of new social followers.

In addition, EdenCancan delivered a micro-influencer campaign, bringing together 14 on-brand mid-level influencers who shared an image and caption of their ‘Bulletproof Morning’ across Instagram. The result of the low budget investment was a social media reach of 198,196, giving Bulletproof the chance to be seen by 4.5K potential consumers.

“Edencancan have been an invaluable resource to Bulletproof since our launch into the UK. They are incredibly flexible and willing to make any idea work, we really see them as an addition to the UK team. Nothing is too much for the team and they are a never ending ideas factory who will always go the extra mile to make any strategy a success. Now we’re moving into the EU we will value their support in managing local agencies to ensure we see the same success in each country we target.” AMANDA NOLAN-DURBIN, EUROPEAN MARKETING MANAGER, BULLETPROOF