EdenCancan silences Katie Hopkins with new client Crowdwish!

EdenCancan performed the ultimate stunt recently and duped Katie Hopkins into signing her own gagging order, with one of their newest clients Crowdwish.

Crowdwish, an online UK website which makes people’s wishes come true, granted the highest ranking wish of the day – ‘I wish Katie Hopkins was the subject of a gagging order banning her from any form of public speaking.’

Posing as an eager fan outside a speaking event at The Shaw Theatre, Katie Hopkins willingly signed the gagging order thinking it was an autograph.

The gagging order Katie Hopkins signed

Katie signing the gagging order

This isn’t the only dream Crowdwish has made come true, with over 60 diverse wishes being granted so far including helping people start businesses, donating to numerous charities and sending mysterious gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Head to Crowdwish’s website to make your wish now and follow them on Twitter for more news and updates!