EdenCancan Looks After Alexis Smith Lingerie With Georgia Salpa

EdenCancan are looking after a new campaign by one of the UK’s most successful lingerie brands and designers Alexis Smith. Alexis Smith Lingerie has signed Georgia Salpa as the new face of Alexis Smith Lingerie at www.alexissmith.eu.  Alexis Smith launched her lingerie brand in 2010 to huge demand – www.alexissmith.eu is now an incredible success with past ‘faces’ of the brand being Jessica Wright and Amy Childs. Specialising in bras for ladies with big busts but small backs Alexis’ new collection and collaboration with Georgia Salpa is sure to be another great success.

Georgia Salpa is launched as the new face of Alexis Smith Lingerie

Georgia Salpa is the new face of Alexis Smith Lingerie

Launched in only 2010, Alexis Smith lingerie has taken the world-wide lingerie and fashion industry by storm! Realising just how desperate many women with big busts and small frames were for beautiful and feminine bras with matching briefs, CEO and lingerie designer, Alexis Smith, saw a massive gap in the market and Alexis Smith lingerie was born. EdenCancan are delighted to be working with both Alexis and Georgia on this campaign!